Meet EJ.

Meet EJ.


EJ is an artist currently enrolled in a master’s program with a focus on “somatics in the critique and creation of architecture and design.” For her thesis, she’s working on a short documentary film on the dangers of a sedentary existence.


What inspired you to become a chair designer?

“Pain. Pain pushed me here. I've experienced chronic physical pain since 2012. I accumulate injuries and inexplicable aches. I am keenly aware of the interface between my butt and the seat of a chair. Is the edge cutting into my thigh? Do my feet reach the ground? The angle of the thigh sets the shape of the spine. Most chairs tip me back when I'm trying to read something flat in front of me, which feels like an affront. I've been designing chairs ever since I stopped taking architecture classes in undergrad and switched to sculpture and video. It's a lifelong urge to change the shape of things around me.”

How would you describe your aesthetic as an artist?

“I like to be encompassed. I like to be floated. I love the sound of gongs, metal intoning. I don't know anymore what I like in art. My aesthetic is always just out of reach, which I suppose is the means by which I'm able to (sometimes) create it. This is a generative searching, a forever finding.”


Any other passions, hobbies, or occupations in addition to your work as a designer?

“Yes! I am a performer. I'm one year into an Alexander Technique certification and right now I’m pursuing Linklater vocal training, as my voice is the center of myself. I also love building. This past summer, I built a sound-dampening wall with a breeze-tight door to convert a 2-bedroom into a 3-bedroom, so that my housemates and I can (sort of) afford to attend school in the Bay Area.”


How do you feel when you're wearing American Apparel?

“I feel soft, unfettered, inspired to move. I wear American Apparel stretch shirts and sweats to my Linklater vocal training classes."


What's your own personal style?

“It vacillates between mossy ‘NorCal hideaway grad student’ and ‘high-drama baby teen.’ I am always looking for a more comfortable shoe. And lately, I’m adding a lot of color to my closet. Candy pales, soft blues, contrasting hues. Shades to quietly pop in the fog here. Plus, deep blue Versace jeans.”


Could you describe a typical day in your life?

“Wake up, doubt self, castigate, shake out, coach kindly, brush teeth, do Linklater exercise. Feed and medicate my two kittens, Lyft to voice class because I haven't fixed my bike, walk 3/4 mile to swim in unpopular pool, eat lunch on campus from my special Tupperwear, documentary class, walk 2 miles home, work on my documentary thesis, talk with my beloved housemates, sing to our kittens, cook a thing or two or three, fuck around on internet for too long and fret about addiction, Linklater vocal exercise, read, write in bedside diary, sleep.”


To learn more about EJ, follow her @ejrsoft


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