Meet Jeanne.

Meet Jeanne.


“Just keep on keeping on doing what you’re good at and don’t worry. Build and focus on your own set of standards.”


Jeanne-Salomé Rochat is the Creative Director and Arts Editor of Novembre, a magazine she co-founded in 2009 with Florence Tétier Maxime Büchi and Florian Joye.


How did you start your career?
“I started while finishing my studies, by getting very involved in a publication called Sang Bleu, which explored tattoos, body modifications and related subcultures, putting them in the perspective of high fashion and the art market.” 


How did the Novembre Magazine adventure start and what were/are your goals with the magazine?
“We wanted to create a truly trans-disciplinary platform to provoke and promote collaborations between various fields of innovation, arts and fashion. Initially, Novembre was addressed to the Swiss market but it quickly burst its banks, becoming an internationally distributed publication and an agency which provides services in art direction, art advising and more.”

Would you say you have a mission as a creative, or a singular idea that drives you?

“It’s hard to pick one singular idea. I am stimulated by looking for beautiful and disturbing things. Ultimately, I think goodness and beauty are usually very connected, and disturbance is essential to growth, whether it’s through images, objects, behaviors. Also I enjoy more and more working collectively, connecting people and works. Getting out of my bubble. I often say that I may have been unlucky to be born, but I’ll have the luck to die, so in the meantime, I try to be honest and contribute with what I can.”


What advice would you give to other young female entrepreneurs?

“Don’t obsess, just keep on keeping on doing what you’re good at and don’t worry. Build and focus on your own set of standards. Everything works in cycles.”

How would you describe your own personal style?

“Casual, chic… and very random.”

What are your favorite AA items?

“The Unisex Crinkle Nylon Team Suit in white and black, the Cotton Spandex Turtleneck Catsuit in army green, and the Cotton Spandex Tank Bodysuit in red.”


To learn more about Jeanne and November Magazine, follow @novembremagazine


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