Meet Sheldon.

Meet Sheldon.


“Both of my parents have passed away, but they taught me to be brave, to do good to others, and to always be a good example.” 


Born and raised on Barbados, Sheldon grew up at the beach, playing soccer and volleyball. Today, he’s a student in Toronto, working toward his degree in Biomedical Engineering Technology – and doing some acting and modelling while he’s at it.


Aside from modelling, what are your other occupations/passions/hobbies?

“I am currently finishing my final semester of school, which takes up most of my time. However, I use every opportunity to enroll in classes to improve and practice my acting abilities. I’ve just written and produced my first short film and am quite excited about working on a few others. I love fashion, and nothing feels better than a new outfit and a photoshoot to go with it. Then there’s soccer.”

Who (or what) inspires you? Why?

“I want to leave a legacy of breaking out of the box and living life largely. Living life on your terms, without being defined or confined. Both of my parents have passed away, but they taught me to be brave, to do good to others, and to always be a good example. I know they are both looking down on me, and every day I try to do my best to make them proud. My sister Gina also plays a huge part in being an inspiration in my life; she’s been a brilliant example of not staying within the box. She’s always pushing me to do my best and be the best.”


Can you describe a typical day in your life?

“I start with a prayer, followed by some music to get me in the zone to tackle the day. I check my phone to see if they are any auditions I need to go to… and then there’s school. On any given day I cook (yes, this guy can cook). My specialty is Bajan macaroni pie and honey garlic chicken. I’d cook that every day if I had the time. I love to learn new things, so during the day I research fashion, actors, browse some YouTube content and work on extra concepts for school.”

How would you describe your own personal style?

“My personal style is very, very versatile and is often dictated by my mood, or who I am seeing. Some days I could be in joggers, tees and sneakers. The next I could be in a fitted suit and some nice loafers. But one thing that must stay consistent with my style is the shoes. I am a closet shoe addict, and I build my outfits around my shoe choice.”


What are your 3 favorite American Apparel items?

“The Flex Fleece Jogger in black, the Heavy Terry Club Jacket in navy, and the 50/50 tank in red.”


To learn more about Sheldon, follow him @donsmall246


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