The New NUDES.

The New NUDES.


Introducing American Apparel’s first-ever inclusive nude campaign: a celebration of authentic, diverse representation. Whereas “nude” apparel is often designed from a limited perspective, the NUDES collection encompasses the full spectrum of skin color, with sexy premium essentials in 9 different shades of nude. Because there’s no such thing as neutral.  


Meet Ngozi

“I’m really proud to represent people with deeper skin tones, since we don’t get to be represented in a lot of aspects of life, and we’re told by society and the fashion world that we’re not worth being considered when we can’t find things in our shades. So I’m really happy that I get to change that for future generations.” 

Meet Alana

“Everyone, every skin tone, every color, everybody is part of something very inclusive.” 

Meet Eskedar

“I moved from St. Louis to do this, and it’s my first job. Being a part of this campaign has been a blessing.”

Meet Callie

“I’m really proud to be part of a campaign that’s celebrating everyone’s beauty.”

Meet Molly

“it means that things are moving in the right direction, and it means that more people like me are included in the American Apparel experience. It’s beautiful.” 

Meet Salma

“It sets the standard for the fashion industry. It makes it known that there isn’t just one shade of nude.” 

Meet Em

“I think it’s marvelous that you added more nudes to your collection. And I feel special that I was able to be a part of this campaign.” 

Meet Brenda

“I feel encouraged and inspired because women love to feel good in their own skin.” 

Meet Cheyann

“It’s really hard to find clothing or any type of underwear in my skin tone. It’s been a dream to be a part of it. I see a lot of change. We’re moving forward, and I’m happy to be a part of it.” 

Meet Lily

“I feel honored to take on this role, to embrace my own shade of nude.” 

Meet Alexandra

“It’s amazing to finally have a shade that complements me – and that’s basically made just for me.” 

Meet Jeana

“Nude isn’t one tone. Nude isn’t one color. There’s a lot of different nudes. I’m super excited to be a part of it. My ethnicity is kind of all over the place, so it’s always hard to find a matching nude. It’s awesome.” 

Meet Alanah

“This campaign is really important to me, because representation is so important, especially now.” 

Meet Danielle

“Now there’s a choice for everybody, and it makes me really proud to be part of this collaboration.” 

Meet Lauren

“Being a part of it is cool because I’ve been dedicated to American Apparel for years. And to be a part of it is like living up to my high school dream.” 

Meet Kimberlee

“It’s great for a lot of women to feel very empowered in their own skin.”

Meet Jasmine

“I think American Apparel does a great job with having a lot of diverse-looking models, and different shades. Having a lot more nude colors is definitely gonna bring a lot more people to this brand.” 

Meet Daniah

“It’s amazing to be part of a project that celebrates diversity. I’m just very grateful.” 

Meet Brittany

“I love that it’s so inclusive and everyone can make it their own. And I love that about American Apparel in general. It’s nice to just be different and make a certain piece your own.” 

Meet Alexis

“It brings everyone together, because it’s not just one color. It’s a lot of different tones. It’s not just an individual thing.” 

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Meet Alanah

Meet Alanah