Meet Jordan.

Meet Jordan.

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"I’d like to do the art direction for an anime. And the screenplay, too."


This wedding dress maker and anime fan responded to our open call in Vancouver.


Who are some of your favorite artists?

“A book I like: Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. A movie I like: Your Name. A TV show I like: Probably Lost. Music: Kasey Musgraves, Space Cowboy.”


What are your artistic goals?

“I’d like to do the art direction for an anime. And the screenplay, too.”

Can you walk us through a typical day in your life?

“I start off by waking up, making tea or coffee or whatever I feel like. I usually make a couple eggs on toast or just get breakfast on my way to work. My bike to work takes seven-ish minutes. At work, I usually start by recording what dresses I’ve completed. I make wedding dresses for Truvelle Bridal. Pretty gangster. I do that for 8 hours. It’s like arts and crafts with your friends all day. Sometimes I plug I a podcast and just cut lace for hours.


Pretty often I get a curry and beer from Benkei Ramen on the way home. I sit at the wooden bar and read a book. Right now I’m reading the screenplay for Being John Malkovich. So funny. Sometimes I go on Instagram, too. Evenings vary. Then the day is over.”

How would you describe your own personal style?

“Personal style is a tough question. Maye a mix. Between an elderly man who meanders at a chill pace, fingers linked behind his back, not the greatest posture, eyes squinted because it’s super bright. He looks comfortable – sneakers, wider pants, t-shirt that’s pretty lived-in and fits really well. Yeah, that guy, mixed with like a gangster black guy who plays sports for a living. And then maybe add in an old lady who likes to paint landscapes. I think that’s what people see when they look at me.”


What are your favorite AA items?

“I like my black fleece pullover. A soft grey hoodie. And a black zip-up hoodie.”


To learn more about Jordan, follow him @jordy__cooper


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