Meet Kara.

Meet Kara.


"American Apparel has always been a huge part of my life. But mostly I love what AA represents."


This 27-year-old was born in Washington D.C. to an Italian father and Canadian mother, raised in Toronto, and current based in LA.


What made you decide to respond to our open call?

“American Apparel has always been a huge part of my life. I worked at two different stores from 2008-2010. I used to LIVE for a lamé headband. But mostly I love what AA represents. Being able to see their message, aesthetic, and clothing evolve over the years has been such a beautiful thing. They’ve managed to really expand and grow while still maintaining that special essence they’ve had from the beginning.”

What are your professional and artistic goals?

“I’ve been making music/singing since I was 14. I’ve put out a few EPs and a full-length album with my old band. I come from a family of impersonators (Mom is a Lucille Ball impersonator) so it’s in my blood to perform. I’m venturing out on a solo endeavor currently, so I’m hoping to be a massive pop star one day, one that you hate so much because they’re so ubiquitous you can’t evade them. But even if I end up working at Burger King, I’ll find a way to stay happy and creative.”


Can you walk us through a typical day in your life?

“My days vary so much. Some days I’m working/hustling all day, making music, being organized and doing adult things. Some days I’m drunk on a beach by noon, and sunburnt and asleep by 7pm.”

How would you describe your own personal style?

“My style goes through a metamorphosis once a month, and I honestly change my outfits 4 times a day, I get bored. Sometimes I’m shitty and wear basketball shorts, and sometimes I’m turning out a full Prada moment. We didn’t have much money growing up, so I had to be super resourceful and creative with my clothing. I like pieces that are versatile and sustainable.”


What are your 3 favorite AA items?

“The Metallic Deep Cut Sunsuit, the Plaid Tennis Skirt, and the Tri Blend Crew Neck T-Shirt.”


To learn more about Kara, follow her @sprngchkn


Kara's Favorite Styles


Flashback: Winter Essentials

Flashback: Winter Essentials

Meet Sara.

Meet Sara.